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Smart Parking system in egypt

Smart Parking system in egypt

Egypsa introduces the smart parking system in Egypt in a different way.

Egypsa is considered a pioneer in smart parking system in Egypt or automatic car lifts in Egypt and the Middle East, as well as its history in this field, and to contribute in an integrated manner to the process of developing ideas and reducing them and modern technological methods in the automatic elevator system, and through these smart parking system in egypt , the customer can be sure of his car.

The company introduced the (APS) system, known as the automatic system, and also worked on introducing new ideas into the smart parking systems in Egypt, and it became a global competition in this field through its hydraulic shafts.

The systems’ designs move cars from the entrance to the parking space without relying on the driver, and have increased and developed safety precautions to maintain the safety and security of lives, and the company is constantly striving around the idea of ​​providing the best service and the highest levels to its valued customers, and Egypta Barking can provide solutions in a way Continuous for all customers’ complaints, amending all their requirements, and providing comfort and safety.

What services can the best smart parking company in Egypt provide?

  • Maintenance periodically for the positions for which you are designed .
  • Vehicles can carry out automatic parking operation normally.
  • It has a large constellation of engineers and designers who carry out interior and exterior designs for private garages.
  • The company alone enjoys providing after-sales services, as it performs the periodic maintenance of all systems installed in the garage.
  • It plans smart parking system in egypt , its role is not limited to the idea of ​​selling, but it also develops the best design for this place to make good use of it in general, and these are among the services provided by Egypsa without other companies.
  • The company is committed to providing the highest quality standards, whether in design, installation or maintenance, and EGPSA can always provide everything new for you.

Advantages of the smart parking system in Egypt.

  1. A very suitable solution for small spaces as well as places that are jammed or have traffic jams .
  2. Work on the idea of ​​preventing theft by providing many safety methods inside garages.
  3. From the civilized side, a big boom in the aesthetic form of the streets reduces the process of visual pollution.
  4. The idea of ​​smart parking is one of the projects that can be developed continuously, permanently and continuously, and this is what Egypsa does, as it works to provide advanced ideas and follow the system, electronic and automated, in addition to the safety system for cars.
  5. This system eliminates traffic crises in any place due to parking in parking spaces and some of them are in violation of traffic rules.
  6. The cost of parking in these parking systems does not cost significantly, but is almost equal to the cost of parking in normal traditional parking.
The best company to introduce the smart parking system in Egypt and the Middle East.

Egypsa Parking is the leader in the smart parking system in Egypt, and the company has added new ideas for the systems and has made a tremendous and unprecedented development without other competing companies in this field.

Egypsa is distinguished by providing the highest safety ratios in the smart parking system in Egypt, as it has provided all solutions to the problems of parking systems and provides all means of comfort and safety in the mechanism of the work of these systems.


Dear customer, if you are looking for the best companies in the field of smart parking system, then Egypsa is the best choice for you, and the company provides you with after-sales services in addition to many other services.