Puzzle parking system


Puzzle parking system

  • Motor driven and roller chain or steel rope lifting system.
  • Space saving with multiple parking space, multi-layers (2-6) layers. Each layer has a spare parking space and front-rear guide rails through which the platforms move horizontally, except the top layer.
  • The platforms on the top layer can only move up and down while the ground layer can only move horizontally. Other platforms can move both horizontally and vertically to get continuous space shift.
  • Multiple security protection devices to prevent falling, collision and overload. besides photo electric sensors to check and stop the unit when cars park improperly or when people cross in by accident.
  • Emergency stop push button mounted on operation panel as well.
  • PLC automatic control system. Push button, touch screen and IC for convenient parking and retrieving process.
  • Steel parts are sandblasted then anti-corrosion primer painted and top finish with a color coat, or hot dipped galvanized for outdoor use.



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