SAWA has a unique team of experts, engineers and specialized technicians in automatic parking field since 2013. 

SAWA offers a wide range of quality services such as pre-construction consultations and engineering design service. This shall help with taking the decision of choosing the most proper automatic parking units. 

In consultations, SAWA considers many points as follows: 

  • Defined Budget.
  • Available horizontal, vertical space and height of the automatic parking place.
  • Required technical features.
  • Expected cars number.

Note that automatic parking units’ size and features could be customized based on demand, surrounding environment conditions and available space of the parking. 

SAWA has the best resources and top experts to provide smartest and most practical solutions for both commercial and residential areas. 

SAWA experts are always ready to provide pre-construction consultations and engineering design services to guarantee ultimate use of the available space to come out with best solutions and highest international standards