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Car Parking Lifts In Egypt

Car Parking Lifts In Egypt

Car parking lifts in Egypt

Egypsa is one of the best suppliers of car parking lifts in Egypt , and due to the very rapid increase in the number of cars in the world in general and in cities in particular, and thus the need to secure smart and practical car parks, whether in open spaces in front of buildings or private parking underground or even above them. As the length of the buildings increases.

Smart parking lifts:

It is a mechanical system used to reduce the required parking space or size. Especially in densely populated areas, and this system is similar to multi-story car parks in that it offers parking on several levels by arranging them vertically to distribute parking spaces for cars.

car parking lifts in Egypt systems features

We, EgyPsa, the distinguished company in the field of car parking lifts in Egypt, offer you the advantages of smart car parking:

  • Electronic gates system
  • The movable rotary disk system
  • Protection systems and equipment for concrete columns and security equipment
  • Digital identification system
  • Vehicle entry and exit control system
  • A camera system for the digital panel of the vehicle
  • Optical Guidance System (PGS) with its programs and equipment
  • Surveillance system by modern cameras

Perfect solution foundation

EgyPsa are experts in providing communication solutions in the field of car parking lifts in Egypt, with multiple models and functions, which reflect on providing better and smoother car parking in the traffic movement in the service of society and the environment.

  • Developing the role of automatic parking by providing appropriate and multi-use solutions.
  • Saving effort, time, and space for the beneficiary and the user.
  • Providing smart parking solutions from design, construction, maintenance, and management.
  • Providing support electronic systems for parking services and regulating car traffic.
  • Parking solutions for people with special needs.
  • We provide development and investment solutions for all internal and external situations.
Important information for you about car parking lifts in Egypt
  1. Always make sure to adhere to the specified time and place for parking the car, and indicate the receipt or dial the indicator in a clear place so that the policeman can read it, and that all the wheels of the car are inside the parking lines so that the violation does not fall on you.
  2. Violating parking rules and laws in Switzerland could expose you to a heavy fine.
  3. Yellow signs with crosses mean no parking, and yellow lines on the side of the road mean no waiting at the side of the road, and parking on sidewalks, pedestrian paths, and on major roads outside cities is prohibited.
  4. You will be charged for parking in the white zone in the absence of a ticket, or when the disc designated for parking in the blue zone or the red zone is not available or exceeding the specified time.
  5. In the event of a violation, be sure to go to the nearest post office and pay the fine, so that it will not be an obstacle for you when traveling again since it is registered in the work system and therefore this may cause many problems when traveling again.
leaders of Car parking lifts in Egypt

Our article on the topic of car parking lifts in Egypt has ended, and we, EgyPsa, have provided you with all the information on this topic, we hope that the article will appeal to you.