Due to increasing demand, and recently introduced building regulations, we have expanded the size of our operations. EgyPSa Parking Solutions partnered with experienced foreign manufacturer of mechanical parking equipment & reputable Egyptian entities and established a new factory in 10th of Ramadan city , Egypt under the name SAWA Parking Systems sae). This will result to faster delivery, improved quality, and overall cost savings.


Automatic parking system in Egypt

hydraulic car elevator in Egypt

Automatic parking system in Egypt

EgyPsa is one of the most successful automatic parking system in Egypt, which is characterized by the manufacture, design and installation of world-class solutions for automatic and mechanical cars, parking elevators and car service provided to our customers around the world.


Hydraulics is known as the force of fluid pressure, and hydraulic science depends on the properties of the trapped fluid, as the confined fluid is incompressible, and influencing it with a pressure that leads to a uniform distribution of pressure on the liquid, resulting in a small force being transferred from the surface of a small piston and transforming it into a force Large on the surface of a large piston, or vice versa.

Features of the Automatic parking system in Egypt

EgyPsa has automatic parking system in Egypt that are considered the best in Egypt and the Middle East.

what are the advantages of the hydraulic system?

Converting a simple force into a force of greater magnitude or vice versa. Control systems with high precision. Torque and force stability in the hydraulic system. Safety and protection systems in hydraulic systems are high. Get high capacity compared to the system weight. The hydraulic oil lubricates the machines, preventing wear and tear.

Defects of the Automatic parking system in Egypt

We, EgyPsa, is a successful automatic parking system in Egypt, offering you the defects of the hydraulic system.

Oil leakage causes a large area to become dirty with oil. The hydraulic system is expensive compared to mechanical systems and the maintenance cost is also high.

How does hydraulic power work?

We are EgyPsa, one of the most successful automatic parking systems in Egypt. We offer you how to operate hydraulic power

If we had a closed system consisting of a U-shaped tube, and this tube had two holes at the end, and the tube was filled with a certain liquid, for example water, and one end was strongly affected, we notice that the water began to come out from the other end, and the reason for that is that the liquid It is incompressible, causing the force applied to be distributed over the entire tube and the water was pushed out from the other end.

Summary of the working principle of the hydraulic system

EgyPsa is one of the best automatic car parking system in Egypt. We bring you a summary of the working principle of the hydraulic system.

  • Inability to compress the fluid.
  • The pressure acting on the liquid is distributed evenly and remains constant.
  • Because the pressure of the liquid remains constant, the small force with which we act on things can be multiplied many times in the event that the diameter is increased to the other side, and the large force can be reduced if the diameter is reduced or, more generally, not the diameter but the area; Because pressure is defined as the amount of force acting on a unit area.

In practical applications, the fluid, which is usually oil, is compressed by an engine, so the movement is transmitted through a pump to compress the oil inside, and the effect is transmitted through the pipes to motors that undertake the task of moving the required parts or changing the direction as required.

Best Automatic parking system in Egypt

In the end, we, EgyPsa, which is considered one of the most successful companies in the field of automatic parking system in Egypt, provide you with complete information on this topic. We hope that this article will appeal to you.

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