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Tilting Car Parking

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Tilting Car Parking:

Tilting Car Parking is a kind of high effective hydraulic parking which shift the car into a slope position. This form of parking give a great advantages to install such units in low minimum heights. We can fix this units to a place of 2.7 m clear height.جراج مائل

  • Single-stage dual-cylinder lifting system.
  • Automatic lock & electric Lock release.
  • Posts with low height to suite low – ceiling garage.
  • Adjustable platform angle to park different Sedan Cars.
  • Balance shaft to ensure synchronous up & down movement.
  • All steel parts are sandblasted then anti-corrosion primer painted and top finish color coated.

جراج مائل

Model NO (Tilting) PTT 20/1700
Lifting Capacity 2000 Kg
Lifting Height 1600 mm
Overall Height 1848 mm
(Overall width 2585 mm
Drive Through 2100 mm
Rise/Drop Time 50 S/40 S
Parking Quantity 2 cars
Operation Mode Automatic/manual
Temperature -20—45℃
Lock Release Electric unlock
Installation space 5295*2750*2094 mm
Power Supply/Motor Capacity 220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz, 1Ph/3Ph, 2.2Kw
 OR according to customers’ request

جراج مائل


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